CBT & Ball Work

I have my own impressive and discreet BDSM Bondage Studio and Medical Room




Cock and Ball Torment

The Joy of CBT


 Such a varied pass time isn’t it! Whether its being crushed, twisted, pinched, pulled, tied, electrified, trampled or beaten, the art of Cock and Ball Torment is wide and varied. mild to severe and a great favourite of mine! Easily incorporated into the cuckolding scene which really is a favourite for me, imagine the eroticism and contemplation of hearing about the aesthetics the sensuality and the sexuality of my last date night whilst being crushed and squeezed beneath my beautiful size 4 feet encased in nylon and beautiful stiletto heels.


Myself an English rose by design, brunette, huge amber eyes and curvaceous

The Mistress

I love the powerful exchange of the mental and physical boundaries that lie within you, for me to explore. I am a sadist, well spoken, disciplined and focused, articulate and aesthetically charged, with a wicked sense of humour