Chastity Play

I have my own impressive and discreet BDSM Bondage Studio and Medical Room




The height of control, tease and denial

Your all locked away …


As a Cuckoldress of some 20 years now, I am well versed in Chastity Play, My pleasure your frustration, tease, denial but ultimately the absolute control over that tiny little member you are so very much attached to. How I enjoy watching it swell, or at least try to in its metal prison of desire and servitude, a playground for Me, a field of complete focus and adoration for you. One of control, one of a complete change of focus from whats between your legs, your desire to the focus on Me, mine and only mine .. Think of the key to it all hanging around My neck, My chastity sentence is long, My demands strong, Your servitude to Me complete.

Myself an English rose by design, brunette, huge amber eyes and curvaceous

The Mistress

I love the powerful exchange of the mental and physical boundaries that lie within you, for me to explore. I am a sadist, well spoken, disciplined and focused, articulate and aesthetically charged, with a wicked sense of humour